Salt House Council


Meet the Salt House Council

The Salt House Council is made up of volunteer leaders at Salt House. Most positions are elected by the congregation and a few others are appointed. The council's role is to oversee the fiduciary and legal requirements of Salt House as a non-profit organization. The council also actively supports the staff and congregation in fulfilling our vision and mission.

Council Meetings are on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 6:00pm

Sara Urie (she/her)

"I have been honored to serve on council before, even finishing another president's term as president last year. I have learned a lot this year, mostly by trial and error. But I am excited to implement all my lessons on behalf of the congregation and staff of Salt House."

James Colver (he/him)

Vice President
"I sometimes joke that God gave us all 2 ears and only one mouth, and I like to believe there was a reason for this.  I intend to listen as much as possible while I serve as your council person, and I'm excited to see what God has in store for our community/"

Jim Myers (he/him)

Member at Large
"I feel most close to God during a meaningful conversation with a fellow human on this journey. I appreciate the trust you’ve shown me over a very short time and am looking forward to serving the Salt House community for years to come."

Irwin Dolobowsy

"I want to see Salt House continue to grow and thrive to show how successful this model is and so I'm happy to keep supporting this community in any way I can. Thank you to the Salt House community for being a part of our family for so many years!"

Tyler Hartje

Member at Large
"Salt House embodies the very traits and qualities I had helped foster while in community at university - a sense of exploration in worship, an interactive community, and practicing radical inclusivity."

Amber North

Member at Large
 "I found a group of humans that truly walks the walk… a community that sees spirituality not only as personal transformation... but also, as a collective call to action; a chance to show up in our local region for the work of light and liberation."

Brenna Nelson

"As a queer woman, aspiring abolitionist educator, admirer of the scaredness of Earth, and lover of the radical acceptance and love of Jesus, I have never felt more seen than in this place."

Salt House Constitution
& Bylaws

Click the link below to view the Salt House governing documents: Our Constitution and Bylaws.