About Membership

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member at Salt House is easy. When covid-19 interrupted world in March 2020, we had to make a monumental shift in our process for bringing in new members to the Salt House Community. We have created an online process for you. While his format was specifically drafted for our quarantine times, we find that it is still helpful today! Win-win!

Pastor Sara on Membership at Salt House


At Salt House we consider Membership to be marked by three commitments. Each is a mark of discipleship – what it looks like to live the love of Jesus. Members are asked to:

  • SHOW UP (i.e. for worship in person or online, small groups) 
  • GIVE (of resources, financially and/or volunteering)
  • GROW (openness to what happens when God meets us in beloved community).  

If you're curious about whether you're already a member or not, send us an email. For more information on membership at Salt House, please visit our FAQ page or contact Pastor Sara or Pastor Ryan for conversation