SERIES TRAILER - The Real Grandmothers of Jesus

Nov 27, 2022    Sara Wolbrecht

Matthew’s gospel begins with a genealogy, (you know, that list of men begetting men that we all skip over.) But! A look closer and you’ll see names of five names of women! Shocking! These are Jesus’ grandmothers. And they are not just any women. Wanna talk about being real? In the stories of these women, there’s scheming, manipulation, outright lies. Grief and abuse. Deception. Scandal.

We’ll find substance and depth as their humanity connects with ours, and become astounded by the beautiful messiness that God, our divine Creator, would actually become human for us in Jesus? So in the midst of all this real complexity – for these women and for us – we’ll await the encounter of our God, in our Immanuel.

Tis the season – for the Real Grandmothers of Jesus.