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Perhaps you’ve seen the news about large celebrity churches like Hillsong, Zoe Church, Vous Church, and Churchome (formerly City Church) and their less-than-clear policies on LGBTQ+ inclusion. Much of this discussion has been fostered by the leadership of Church Clarity ( Church Clarity’s goal is not to force any church to become something they don’t want to be, but rather that every church would clearly communicate what their policies are related to LGBTQ+ inclusion and women in leadership. Ambiguity is harmful. Clarity is reasonable.

Salt House is scored as a VERIFIED CLEAR Church on the Church Clarity website.
We want to take this opportunity to be completely clear about what “radical welcome” looks like here at Salt House by answering a few simple questions:

  • Will Salt House hire LGBTQ+ people for any ministry role? Yes 
  • Will Salt House’s clergy officiate a wedding for LGBTQ+ people? Yes
  • Will Salt House ordain LGBTQ+ people? Yes
  • Are there any LGBTQ+ people on Salt House’s leadership team? Yes

Church Clarity also is invested in helping churches provide clear policies on women in leadership. Here are Salt House’s answers:

  • Can women preach in the primary church service? Yes 
  • Can women be ordained (or recommended for ordination)? Yes 
  • Can women serve as elders or in all governing bodies? Yes
  • Can women serve as senior pastor/minister? Yes
  • Do women and/or non-binary folks make up 50% or more of Salt House’s leadership team?  Yes
  • How often do women and/or non-binary folks preach? Weekly 

Again, our desire at Salt House is to be completely clear about our radical welcome and who can be involved at Salt House. If you have any questions about our policies related to LGBTQ+ inclusion and women in leadership, or experience something that is different than our goal of radical welcome, please don’t hesitate to engage in conversation with our leadership; specifically, Pastor Sara Wolbrecht or Pastor Ryan Marsh

Pastor Sara Wolbrecht
Pastor Ryan Marsh

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