Safe Haven Policy Review Team

Join the Safe Haven Policy Review Team
We are looking for 3-5 people to join Rachel on the Safe Haven Policy Review Team. This is an opportunity to be a big help to our community in just a small amount of time.
Training and screening staff and volunteers through Safe Haven is how we keep Salt House a safe place for all children, youth, and adults. Every 3 years our Safe Haven policy is reviewed and updated. This is one of those years!
Purpose of this team:
  • Review the current Safe Haven policies.
  • Discuss if any changes should be made.
Make a recommendation to the council based on that discussion.
What does participation on this team look like?
  • There will be just one 2-hour meeting (with coffee!) where the team discusses the Safe Haven Policy.
  • Plan on one or two emails about any changes that are being recommended and the council’s response to them. This will keep the team updated on the final version of the Safe Haven Policy that will be adopted for the next 3 years.
Ideally, the planning meeting will take place in February. Email Rachel if you are interested in serving on this team.
Learn more about Safe Haven:
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