Meet Pastor Kathryn Buffum

During Pastor Sara's medical leave, Pastor Kathryn will be here to support and manage the staff, interface with our Synod and Lutheran denomination as needed, and collaborate with our Church Council.

Pastor Kathryn Buffum has been a member here at Salt House since almost the beginning. Before being a pastor, she was a dentist who ran her own practice. She was a pastor here in Seattle. During her professional ministry, she was also the Assistant to the Bishop in our Synod. This was a huge role in our Lutheran denomination, where she worked to mediate conflict in churches, and help with calling new pastors to congregations.

Here at Salt House, Pastor Kathryn was on the team who wrote our Constitution and Bylaws. She's also served on our Personnel Team. She knows the ins and outs of being a pastor, leading a team, and the specifics of our unique church here in Kirkland. She is coming out of retirement to help us, and we are so grateful!

If you need to reach Pastor Kathryn for any reason, her new Salt House email is

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